Waves of Life Necklace

Waves of Life Necklace

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You can't control the ocean. Or the movement of the waves. Each and everyday day the ocean can be unpredictable, and that can be reflective of our lives. Whatever comes our way, we keep moving forward like the waves making their way and crashing onto shore. 

 ****** IMPORTANT, the images you see in this listing are a sample of what you will receive. All pieces are handcrafted individually with love, care, and attention to detail with artistic professionalism. There will be some variations in color and amount of sand in each designed piece.******

Product Features

  • .925 sterling silver pendant measures 25mm
  • filled with natural beach sand, resin, and variations of ocean color pigments
  • handmade, handpainted, each piece is ONE OF A KIND.
  • 18" .925 sterling silver chain. 
  • .925 spring clasp closure, with an original Northern Tides logo charm