About Us

Growing up with my amazing friends on Horseneck Beach & raised on salt air, I fell in love with the ocean at a very young age. Trying to find amazing quality clothes to fit this lifestyle though was always leaving me a bit salty. Dressing in fun clothing that would carry me from the surf to casual workplace, then back to our nightly dune bonfires struck a wave of inspiration!

Owning a renowned gift shop yearly featured on Chronicle, I decided to start adding in clothing that fit my lifestyle. Made on Cape Cod, we gave it the fun name Mer-Made on Cape Cod & the rest is history!

Selecting beautiful, fun clothing is like collecting seashells~ you choose only the best! I want to inspire you to always choose the best while connecting you to a tribe of women that reflect your joy & passions.

I'm inviting you to join, as I lovingly call us, the Merbabe Tribe to dress happy in clothing that always brings waves of joy!

Love, Shaz

DID YOU KNOW??? We donate a % of sales to local food pantries & ocean conservation facilities. Our mission is to do good while dressing happy! 

Join our Tribe & see the clothing on all the Merbabes