Ocean's 5 Beach Strand Bangles - Mermaids on Cape Cod-Official Mermaid Gear

Ocean's 5 Beach Strand Bangles

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The transformative power of the Ocean-all senses alive! Hear the roaring waves, feel the warm touch of the sand, taste and smell of the salt air, see the sunshine all around and the cool wind caressing your skin! Each color embodies your memories of the perfect beach day. 

Beach Strands are made of real crystals and stones fitting for your love of the ocean. Each color palate is reminiscent of a beach moment in time. Handmade by Maggie Grace in Westport, Ma. We are building the collection and love to see your strand stacks! 

Just like the ocean, color tones and nautical charms will vary.

Be adventurous and try the mystery ocean or life charms, we will make a stack just for you!