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Adjustable Mermaid Bracelet

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Treasures for Merbabes!! Adjustable mermaid bracelet in Sterling Silver. Sleek, shiny and stylish. Love the little gold belly button! 

Hand Made on Cape Cod .925 sterling

To Wear: Place the bracelet over the small part of your wrist gently between the head and the fins, then turn to fit, do not open and close as if there is a hinge on the back. This causes the bracelet to deform, crack or break and cannot be repaired. 

We guarantee our artisan jewelry if the product has left the store defective in any way- we will happily help you and show you how to wear your bracelet. No returns after 30 days due to damage upon misuse of wear from above. 

This is a beautiful work of art & should be worn with care- it will last a lifetime.