Cape & Island Beach Life Mala Bracelets - Mermaids on Cape Cod-Official Mermaid Gear

Cape & Island Beach Life Mala Bracelets

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Adventure begins on the shores of Cape Cod- sand in your hair, salty kisses, windswept breezes filled with the scent of suntan oil, seagulls swooping through the clouds! 

Every day you can breathe in the moments wearing your Cape & Island Mala bracelets. 

Authentic Mala Stones-Sterling plate charm 


Apatite: Manifesting Sea Stone- brings your heart to your Cape & Island dream

Lapis: Protects you against stress, brings calm like the deep sea it resembles, mind body              connection

Amazonite: Wild waves of energy filter your strengths, brings your artistic self to the surface & gives you clarity       your kindness & being- optimism

Sunstone: Power, Assertiveness, Creativity like the patterns drawn in the sand by the wild winds- your wild power will shine when wearing!

Rhodonite: The state stone of Massachusetts, Rhodonite will do for you what the Cape & Islands do- recharge your mental health and energies! Balances your tired ups and downs and gives strength for what's to come!

 Aquamarine: Water stone for Mermaids- used for communication, protection, love of oneself! 

Morganite: Boosts your confidence, helps you LOVE life, Joy, achieve your dreams! 

Amethyst: Deep purple Amethyst transforms lives, brings peace of mind, releases frustrations and offers divine protection