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What if you were your own Ocean Valentine everyday? If you sent yourself little love notes in the sand to remind yourself that you’re positively #BeachBeautiful? What if I had a secret weapon that would share love deep down to the bottom of the ocean & back? Psssstttt- I DO!! 

Love YOU to the Bottom Of the Ocean & Back SWEETshirt is designed to positively recharge your self love. ❤️ Oh, sure, you can send it to your wife, friends, daughters, family members-but why not get yourself one, too? Remember, St Valentine wants you to be happy!! GET YOURS HERE: LOVE YOU SWEETSHIRT

Now you know my secret to self love. I wear #BeachBeautiful Clothing every day  knowing I have the confidence to love others as much as myself. My accessories also show love 'n gratitude. Take a peek at the Mala Beads I shared this week.Mala Beads for Love and Strength.

Mala Bracelets/Necklaces have 108 beads- a simple reminder of love, strength, & confidence. Mala's inspire you to find your inner calling- they ask you to repeat a mantra 108 times for complete abundance. Read more and be inspired to start your 2019 again today. 

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A huge shout out to Chatham Candy Manor!

I ran in to get some Penuche fudge for my beautiful family (& Tootsie pops for me) & ended up making friends! The staff at Chatham Candy Manor welcomed us into their store and encouraged us to take pics while having fun. I am so grateful to them for their 'sweetness."  If you pop in for a treat, please tell them hello from Shaz and the Mermaids on Cape Cod.  

 Chatham Candy Manor

The Crew at Chatham Candy Manor- SWEEThearts! 

One more Valentine's Day treat...

Have you signed up for our Give Away with Cleat & Anchor Restaurant? Wathca' waiting for, Merbabes? Win $25 from both amazing locations-

Simply head  to our homepage 'n click on Shop our Instagram or link here: Cleat & Mermaid Give Away 

What a great way to spend Valentine's Day! Congratulations to all our past winners this week! Keep playing & watching for your name to be announced!


Star Sleeve Sweater

Here's to a #BeachBEautiful 2019

Fins Up, Merbabes!

With Love, Shaz

#BeachBEautiful Inspired Clothing- Connecting YOU to your ocean of love within~

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    Shari Aussant

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