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Mala Bead Bracelets/Necklaces - Mermaids on Cape Cod-Official Mermaid Gear

Mala Bead Bracelets/Necklaces

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Mala Beads Beach Vibes & Truly #BeachBeautiful Confidence! 


Heart Chakra: A total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra energy lines of fulfillment to the path to Self-realization–

ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE! Ask for what your heart needs, BELIEVE it will happen, Repeat your desire/mantra 108 times- a day, a week, every day for108 days- just keep saying it! RECEIVE your desire- Repeat your Mantra with sincerity & feeling. It takes 108 days for something to become a habit- make your desire/mantra a daily belief and habit. 

Choose your stone to best fulfill your true inner self calling


  • American Turquoise- communication, patience, perseverance, protection
  • Sodalite- communication, truth
  • Aventurine- healing, peace, optimism, connects our hearts, embraces new
  • Howlite– calming, compromise, sleep, patience, memory
  • Labrodite- serenity, clarity, imagination
  • Bali Turquoise– kindness, protection, joy
  • Dragon Agate– luck, fixing relationships, mental clarity, artistic confidence

With Love & 108 Moments of Gratitude