Falmouth Cardigan

Falmouth Cardigan

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The Falmouth Cardigan is a versatile and cozy layering piece that embodies the warmth and style of the fall season. This cardigan is designed to elevate your autumn wardrobe with its intricate cable knit pattern and trendy cropped silhouette.

The washed finish of this cardigan gives it a charmingly rustic appearance, reminiscent of well-loved and vintage-inspired pieces. The subtle fading and texture variation add character and depth, creating an instant sense of comfort and nostalgia that's perfect for the fall season.

The cable knit pattern is a timeless classic that adds a touch of sophistication to this cardigan. The intricately woven design not only provides visual interest but also offers an extra layer of warmth, making this cardigan an ideal choice for layering over your favorite fall outfits.


Fabric: 100% Cotton