Cape Seaside Soap Collection - Mermaids on Cape Cod-Official Mermaid Gear

Cape Seaside Soap Collection

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Hand crafted with summer sun and salt air here on Cape Cod! 


Mermaid-Swimming in the salty sea and sunning on the rocks...Everyone has a sparkly, inner mermaid!  

-Top notes of citrus fruits
-Middle notes of exotic spice and jasmine
-Bottom notes of crisp white tea


Apres Sea-A day at the beach, followed up with sunset cocktails.  This shimmery bar will take you from day to night in golden beach girl style.

-Top notes of fresh coconut
-Middle notes of sea mist
-Bottom notes of sun-kissed citrus


Sun Shine-That feeling of lying in the sun on a soft beach towel...the sunshine kissing your skin and waves crashing in your dreams.

-Top notes of sunny citrus
-Middle notes of bergamot
-Bottom notes of white tea


SeaGlass- Walking the beach at dawn, in search of the elusive, colorful gems washed in with the salty waves.

-Top notes of fresh marine and salt
-Middle notes of airy ozone
-Bottom notes of cool citrus and driftwood


Salt-Sun-kissed citrus in coastal groves...clean, fresh, invigorating and refreshing.

-Top notes of crisp grapefruit and fresh tangerines
-Middle notes of salty air
-Bottom notes of tart cassis


Sand-Napping under the sun in the warm, soft sand.  Ocean waves lapping the shore, gulls singing overhead and the most perfect scent of coconuts in the breeze.

-Top notes of raw coconut
-Middle notes of sea salted shell and soft amber                                                             
-Bottom notes of orange and tonka Bean


Surf-Out in the lineup, sun overhead, swells rolling in, the big blue sea alive around you.

-Top notes of coconut and fresh air
-Middle notes of salt
-Bottom notes of jasmine and mandarin




-Net Wt 4oz pure vegetable glycerin soap bar
-Translucent aqua bar with shimmery glitter
-Wrapped in beautifully designed paper




INGREDIENTS: Sorbitol, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Pigment & Fragrance