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    Mermaids love the ocean and the animals that swim along side us. We vow to protect the flippers & fins through donating 10% of the proceeds of our Fins Up! collection of clothing, jewelry, and re-usable gifts/products. Items with a shark, octopus, turtle, or seal will be part of Fins Up! You don't need to do a thing to donate except purchase as you normally would- we will keep track and make annual donations to National Marine Life Center, Buzzard's Bay and the Shark Conservatory in Westport, Ma. Stay tuned for updates as we begin our journey in 2017. Thank you for your support!

    Take the #MermaidVow"We vow to recycle/re-use ocean friendly containers, use cloth bags when possible and do our part to keep our friends with Flippers and Fins safe!"


    Check out this amazing artist! 10,000 plastic bottles, a mermaid and one wish: Save our Ocean!