Mermaid Mandala Moon

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💙Mermaid Mandala Moon! 💙

🧜‍♀️Mermaids connect us to our tribe- symbolic passion for all things ocean
🌙Moon is a spiritual pull uniting us and drawing us together like the tide
🌟Stars are a wish- in Mandalas they represent freedom to be who we are in Love
❄️Mandalas give us a place of focus, a center to lead is to a place of stability

For all my Merbabes- this a design is for YOU
💙 Shaz

A crescent moon mandala is a symbol of learning, creativity and change. promotes personal growth and self-improvement. The crescent moon has been considered a symbol of protection, transition and new beginnings. For all my Merbabes on the cusp of change- this is your spirit design! Go live the life you’ve dreamed with the protection of the mermaid mandala moon!