The Flirt Skirt, Poncho, Dress, Cape

The Flirt Skirt, Poncho, Dress, Cape

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The FLIRT is a cozy bamboo skirt, dress, cape, poncho or cowl halter top. A comfort shaping corseted waistband. The Flirt is a little shorter in length than the Lady Flirt

One Size Fits Most

Fabric: 92% bamboo rayon 8% spandex

From Designer Roxy: our sizes takes a unique approach. We believe in positive sizing to inspire the awareness we are all beautiful no matter what size we choose to wear. Because of the luxurious stretch of our signature plant based knits most clients can more than one size so the best size for each individual comes down to their personal preference. some prefer to employ more of the comfort shaping benefits and go smaller. others prefer more ease. sizes available depend on the particular item. 

look for our one size fits most symbol on the majority of our essential accessories and other great styles like the cardigan or primaswing or sway.  it depends on the item but most of these designs will work on sizes 0 - 12 and often suit an expanded range up to size 18