#WANDERMUST ~Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid Travel Tales~#FollowOurFins
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    Wander To Wellfleet For Wellness

    Wander To Wellfleet For Wellness
    Whether you’re reading along in search of seaside serenity spots, playing hooky from daily domestic duties, making family fun beach memories, or you’re just here for a free guide to adventures on Cape Cod and hidden gem destinations, just know that nature has paved a perfect path to peace for whoever wishes to wander to Wellfleet beaches…

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    The Island Blue Crab Food & Spirits

    The Island Blue Crab Food & Spirits

    It was a Sunday afternoon in June as I set out on a Cape Cod travel adventure.  I worked up quite an appetite exploring off-the-beaten-path in Brewster, so I randomly stopped and discovered this hidden gem: The Island Blue Crab

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    Fourth of July: Three WanderMust Spots

    Fourth of July:  Three WanderMust Spots

    It’s nearly July 4th on Cape Cod!  Whether you’re here for a day or a stay, there’s no better way to celebrate any summertime holiday than hanging out with friends and family and making memories by the sea! 


    If you’re wondering where to wander this weekend, then read along and #FollowOurFins as I share with you a few of my favorite spots to chill out and experience the wonders of Cape Cod like a local Wandering Mermaid!

    (Love our beach beautiful outfits? Click on any photo to Shop Mermaids on Cape Cod Boutique Fashion & Official Mermaid Gear Beach apparel!)

    Weekend Wanderings

    1. Play in the Gateway to the Cape: Wareham

    Wareham is not technically on Cape Cod, but this historically rich seaside town deserves a bit more buzz.  Travelers have flocked to Wareham to enjoy over forty-five-miles of waterfront since the nineteenth century.https://www.mermaidsoncapecod.com/products/get-nauti-racerback-tankSwift’s beach is a perfect spot for the whole family.  There’s not only a public boat ramp, but at low tide, there’s a sandbar to explore by kayak or stand-up-paddleboard. It’s a super safe beach to take the kids; no need to worry about an undertow because the water’s calm and perfect for wading.   If you’re on the beach more than an hour, you’ll even catch Perry’s Ice Cream Truck. There’s a day pass available for non-residents and an annual sticker pass for residents available at Town Hall. https://www.mermaidsoncapecod.com/products/american-flag-tee-or-tank-starfish-stars-and-mermaid-stripesWareham is also the ideal spot to stop and get away from the traffic jams.  Take a trip to Buzzard’s Bay and bike, walk, or rollerblade along the Cape Cod Canal.  If you start out at the Railroad Bridge, you’ll see a brand-new playground with a Splash Pad for the kiddos to cool off before you set out to escape to the Cape. Be sure you travel along the scenic highway route!https://www.mermaidsoncapecod.com/products/racerback-tank-mermaids-on-cape-cod

    2. Hang out in Hyannis

    https://www.mermaidsoncapecod.com/products/romper-in-modal-cupro Wanna know how to kick it on Cape Cod like the Kennedy clan? Take the 1-hour Hy-line Cruise tour past the Kennedy complex and then visit family-friendly Veterans Beach, home of historical shrines honoring John F. Kennedy and the Korean War Memorial. If you wander over to West Barnstable, Sandy Neck Beach boasts six miles of picture perfect shoreline. And if you’re up for a real off-the-beaten-path adventure, there’s even off-road beach trail access. 


    Don’t miss out on an afternoon of shopping local and sipping beer from 3-6 pm on Friday during Farmer’s Market Meets Happy Hour at Cape Cod Beer

     3. Wander to Wellfleet

     Welcome to Cape Cod National Seashore!  

    The small seaside town of Wellfleet is divided into two sections: oceanside and a harborside.  I’m inviting you to wander with me on the oceanside where the earth crumbles to the sea; Wellfleet Beachcomber, Cahoon Hollow Beach. If you plan your trip and arrive early enough, you can snag a parking spot in the front lot where you’ll pull right up to the top of a sand dune showcasing spectacular ocean views. 

    Sea? Nothing but breathtaking horizon!

    Need a budget-friendly beach day?

    Pack up your cooler and beach bag essentials (just prepare for a journey down the super steep, sliding sand dune--the only way down to the beach!) and park your fins in the sand for an unforgettable day on the Cape Cod National Seashore. You won’t get any shell phone service so prepare to unplug and be one with nature. 

    You’ll still want to bring your phone or camera because I can almost guarantee you’ll spot several seals playing in the waves. Snap the shot and frame it for your very own FREE souvenir. 

    Be sure to pack your sweatshirt or a light jacket since it gets chilly once the sun sets beyond the sand dunes.  Our Fuzzy Fleece Stripe Official Mermaid Gear Hoodie and matching Anchor Tote Sea Bag are perfect patriotic gear to represent your inner Mermaid this July 4th.


     Looking for a killer Beach Bar Atmosphere?

    Follow Our Fins to Wellfleet BeachComber Restaurant & Oyster Bar! 

    Dress to impress in your best boutique fashion or keep it casual in cutoffs and Get Nauti tank or tee. You’ll feel #beachbeautiful simply standing at the bar ordering drinks while you’re looking out at the breathtaking ocean views.

    After a long day riding waves, I usually reward myself with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, French Fries, Pickle, and a Frozen Miami Vice cocktail to wash it all down.


    As a single mom who craves a night out every now and then…I’ve had some of the most memorable moments watching the sunset, listening to live music, and mingling at "The Comah" after dark. 

    Bonus: Catch Cape Cod Fireworks

    Anywhere you travel on Cape Cod you’re sure to find Fabulous Firework Displays to Celebrate Independence Day!

     Plan Your Weekend Adventures:

    July 4th Fireworks & Festivities via Cape Cod Life