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Welcome to Mermaids on Cape Cod, Exclusive Home of Official Mermaid Gear!

Our mobile boutique and online store is filled with all things Cape Cod—Nautical, Sea Spectaculars, Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, and “Mer-MADE on Cape Cod.” We have the shore thing to make your ocean-loving heart wave with delight!

Mother Nature gives us all the love she has and we at Mermaids on Cape Cod explores what it has to further offer. Particularly drifting on to the sea waves, we hand pick the most beautiful products to craft them with love only for you. The sea roaring all the times, sunshine beaming and gleaming, we ensure that our products stir the nature love in you and bring out the sea mermaids you have held back.

Mermaids on Cape Cod A Official Mermaid Gear offering Online Mermaid Jewelry, Clothing, Gifts & Accessories

Our popular official mermaid gear is a perfect choice for the seasons most wanted swim suits, beach essentials and beach wear with colors inspired from the waters and mermaids regardless of the weather outside. Mermaids Clothing is all about tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, blankets, swim suits and teez to match your needs affirmatively.
If the sea fulfills your peace, we have everything to keep it blue for you with mermaids jewelry range that consist of earrings, contemporary wrist wear, rings and necklaces. Tote Bags and flowy scarves to comfy slippers, sun protection hats to knee long leggings and many more mermaid accessories, we have got it all covered for the mermaid instinct inside you. If you are a group and love how the sea and nature treats you, Mermaids gifts consist of a huge range of products at our online store in Cape Cod that you can share with your loved ones and stay connected with the sea forever.

We believe in sharing the love that we receive from our nature, for us at Mermaids on Cape Cod, we let your love for the nature take its toll and surf the best wave so that you look the most beautiful form of yourself.